Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book for a public open day?

See our Open Days page for more details.

Is car parking available?

There is limited parking available along the lighthouse drive – please park on the left hand side of the drive only, as close to the bank as possible.  Please only use the drive for the duration of your visit.

Please do not park in the turning area at the top of the drive. Alternatively, you can use the pay and display car park in Beach Road, or if this is full, there is also parking available in the Wenn Evans Centre, which is a short walk away in the village. 

The Beach Road car park does not take cards or mobile payments, so make sure you have change available.

Are dogs allowed in the lighthouse?

Whilst we love dogs, unfortunately on busy open days we cannot allow dogs inside the tower. Well behaved dogs are allowed to wait outside the tower with their owner, but please be aware that the cottages either side of the lighthouse are privately owned, so please respect their privacy, and please clear up after your dog.

There is a dog litter bin at the bottom of the drive near Lighthouse Lane.

Can children climb the tower?

Children are welcome to climb the tower, but they must be a minimum of 1.15 metres high and must be able to ascend and descend the tower unaided.   Under our health and safety guidelines, children or babies cannot be carried.   This includes the use of papooses. 

Please refer to our Health and Safety Guidelines.

Please be aware that there are 16 steep steps up into the lantern.

Can I cancel my booking?

Cancellations may be made up to 24 hours before the event with a full refund available. To cancel your booking, simply click on the “cancel booking” link on your confirmation email:

Cancel booking

Are there toilets at the lighthouse?

There are no toilet facilities at the lighthouse – the nearest toilets are in the Beach Road car park, which is a short walk across the field.

What if I have a fear of heights?

Please be aware that the stairs inside the lighthouse are open!  There are 96 steps up to the service room, then a further 16 steep steps to the lantern. Both the service room and lantern are enclosed. 

Can I book a private visit?

See our Private visits page for more details.

Please remember that the lighthouse is run by volunteers, so please allow as much notice as possible for private visits. We usually require a minimum of two weeks’ notice.

Can I take photographs of the lighthouse?

We welcome responsible photographers. However, please remember that the adjacent lighthouse cottges are privately owned residential properties, so please respect the occupants’ privacy.

Drone photography in the vicinity of the lighthouse is not permitted without permission , and the UK drone code must be adhered to.

Please refer to our filming and photography guidelines for more information.

For commercial visits, we do have filming guidelines – please contact Patrick Tubby for more information.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we are able to accept all major debit and credit cards.

How can I become a Lighthouse Volunteer?

We always welcome new volunteers to help with our lighthouse open days. You can help either upstairs, downstairs or both! Please see our volunteer page for more information.

Lighthouse: General

Is the lighthouse still operational?

It most certainly is! The light mechanism is controlled by a light sensor, which comes on automatically at dusk.

Do the cottages belong to the lighthouse?

The cottages are the former lighthouse keeper cottages, but were sold off in the 1930s.  They are now privately owned, so please respect their privacy.

Why are there variations of the name Happisburgh and Haisborough: How is it pronounced?

Both names are pronounced the same: “Hazebrur”. We are often asked about the unusual spelling of the village of Happisburgh. In times gone by, the county of Norfolk was divided into areas called hundreds, and where Happisburgh now sits was within the hundred of Happing.

The offshore sandbanks are generally spelled more phonetically: Haisborough. When the lightvessel was established in 1832, the name on the side was shortened to HAISBRO – possibly so as not to have to paint the full name on each side of the lightvessel. When in service, the lightvessel was generally referred to as HAISBRO, while the lighthouses (High and Low – the Low Light was taken out of service in 1884), in the village were referred to as HAPPISBURGH. We believe this is the only instance in the Trinity House Service where a lighthouse and lightvessel had the same name; and thus when stores were being dispatched to either, the different spellings may have ensured the correct stores went to the correct station. That said, at Happisburgh Lighthouse, we have stores requisition chits labelled “the Lighthouse, Hasbro, Stalham”.