Filming and photography

We appreciate that Happisburgh Lighthouse is a much admired and photogenic landmark, and we welcome responsible photographers.

Please remember that the Lighthouse is a working navigation aid, and that the two cottages are privately-owned residential properties.  Please therefore respect the cottages occupants’ privacy at all times, including any overnight filming. 

Drones/aerial photography

Any aerial filming or photography must conform to Civil Aviation Authority guidelines, and permission from the adjacent property owners must be sought.  Under the UK Drone code, approved by the CAA, drones should be kept 150ft (50 metres) away from people and properties.  As a guide, the lighthouse is 26 metres tall.

Please also refer to the UK Government guidelines with regard to the safe and legal use of drones.

Commercial filming and photography 

If you are taking external photography of the lighthouse for commercial purposes, please bear in mind that Happisburgh Lighthouse is a registered charity run by volunteers to keep the Lighthouse working as a navigation aid.  Please consider making a donation to the charity. 

For further details on how to make a donation, please contact us

Filming inside the lighthouse

Any requests for photography and filming at the lighthouse should be made at least two weeks in advance, and a filming request form must be completed and returned to the Lighthouse Trust prior to this taking place.  

Please note that requests will normally incur a charge for the use of the facility and volunteers’ time.  Please refer to the filming request form for further details. 

Press/media enquiries

Any press/media enquiries should be directed to