Technical Details

Height of Tower26  metres
Height of Light above Mean High Water Spring Tide41 metres
CharacterFl(W)3 30s
Lamp500 watts
Visibility18 miles
Intensity – white58,500 candela
Fog signalNone

96 stone steps wind up the inside of the perimeter wall to the service room directly below the light.   In olden days this room was used to store oil and other equipment which was winched up from the bottom of the Lighthouse.  The service room is now home to a light sensitive cell, a type of ‘trip switch’ which activates the lamp as conditions darken outside; not only at night but during stormy and foggy weather as well.

From the service room a short trip up a few stairs leads to the lamp room itself where the main 500 watt sits within a large ‘optic’ of prisms for refraction and magnification of the light.  The light flashes three times every thirty seconds with a 1.5 second gap between flashes and it is this unique pattern which discloses the identity of the lighthouse to the shipping offshore.  The reserve lamp (250 watt) will move across to replace the main lamp if the latter fails for any reason and, in case of a power cut, a battery-powered back-up system is in place to take over the operating of he light which can last for up to eleven days if necessary. The prisms are the original glass prisms dating from the 1860’s. The back of the lamp room is painted black to enhance the clarity and visibility of the light offshore.