May 2003 Update

Having noted the comments on site re withholding council tax & before anyone considers such action I thought it would be pertinent to place on record how our council tax is split and who gets what.

The following is a breakdown per thousand pounds paid:

Norfolk County Council £777.41 Norfolk Police £107.84 Parish and Town Council Precepts £20.46 North Norfolk District Council £94.31 Total £1000.00

Obviously, the bit that we are concerned with is the amount NNDC receives, which is £94.31 out of every thousand pounds paid, which breaks down as follows:

Central Services £12.67 Parks – Leisure etc. £7.13 Economic Development £8.34 Environmental Services £11.62 Housing Grants & Benefit £13.31 Local Council Tax & Benefits £6.38 Planning & Transport £4.93 Sports / Recreation £8.48 Refuse Collection & Street Cleaning £13.02 Coast Protection £8.43 Total £94.31

Thus for every £1000 collected in Council Tax, the District Council (NNDC) receives £94.31 and spends £8.43 (app. 9%) on coast protection.

During the financial year 2002/03 approximately 50% of the annual revenue and budget for coast protection was spent at Happisburgh.

The calculations are endless, but to reduce it still further to terms in which I can make more sense of it – for every £100 in council tax paid by a householder, North Norfolk District Council receives just £9.43 from which app 84 pence is spent on coast protection.

So as you can see, withholding council tax would appear to be a very broad and blunt instrument in terms of effect.

I felt it to be right and proper that anyone considering that action should be fully aware of the facts.

Malcolm Kerby (20 May 2003)