Three Hasbro’ Farmers

Three different farmers, from around 1730

THOMAS FAULKE, Gentleman. Died 1731

Thomas lived in a comparatively large and well-furnished house. The parlour contained several cane chair and a corner cupboard for china, while in the study he kept his bureau, books and swords. All the principal rooms had looking-glasses, and there were close-stools (night-commodes) in two bedrooms. Spice drawers, a coal cradle and smoothing irons were also in his possession.

He kept 20 cows and had 6 horses to work the land, to ride and to draw the chaise.

His total assets were £568-14-6d

ROBERT BROWN, Yeoman (land owner) Died 1730.

Robert moved with the times. His wife served tea in china cups in the parlour, and they slept in the room above. He owned two looking glasses and some books. His clothes were expensive; he wore rings and a watch.

Following the example of Lord Townshend of Raynham Hall, he grew 18 acres of turnips. With 12 acres of buckwheat, and hay he could feed 7 cows, keep back a number of yearling cattle from the Martinmas slaughtering, and still have sufficient fodder for a flock of sheep. During the summer he kept about 90 ewes and lambs. He also had pigs, 12 horses and fowls in th yards.

His possessions at death were valued at £590-9-5d

ROBERT BETTS, Husbandman (tenant farmer). Died 1729.

Robert’s main crops were wheat, barley, oats and rye. He over-wintered more than 40 cattle, including 11 cows, kept several pigs and 11 horses. He sowed clover, vetches and buckwheat for fodder.

His house was quite well furnished with five ground floor rooms and five above. He still followed the old practise of sleeping in the parlour and storing seeds and his wife’s cheeses in the room above. A looking glass was kept in the room above the kitchen.

Robert left £70 to his eldest son “for the binding of him to a trade”, £60 to his second son, and the rest to his wife in trust for his youngest.

Robert’s total assets were valued at £5503-19-6d.